Experienced and Certified Installers


Pure Image installer pulling cables through ceiling,

The Pure Image team is trained and experienced to work in your commercial construction environments, including certification with low voltage systems, guaranteeing that the work done on site will meet and exceed necessary code standards.

We have a legacy of ten years of satisfied customers in a full range of commercial spaces, from real estate marketing to restaurants, delivering results that look and sound incredible.

We’ll work with you to craft a design that fits your needs in pre-wiring and retrofit scenarios, choosing the right hardware and solutions to achieve your in-house goals.

Let the Pure Image team’s experience guide you through your next commercial installation.

Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Video Wall in VancouverYour sales centres are the ultimate first impression, making or breaking buying decisions for many of your clients. Pure Image will work closely with you and your design team, helping to create the perfect solution for your real estate marketing project.

Beginning with intelligent touch panels and rich content delivery systems, and continuing through to refined integrations of display technology, audio systems, and custom millwork, we provide a single point of contact for all things technology and beyond, freeing you to focus on the look and feel of your design.

Our experience working on some of British Columbia’s largest and most successful real estate marketing projects makes us the go-to experts, delivering the best service, on time and on budget.

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Commercial Audio Systems

Seamless, crystal-clear audio can bring a room to life, making your space welcoming and more comfortable. Pure Image commercial audio system solutions are perfectly planned for your environment, tailored to meet your requirements and designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. We can design, supply and install everything from restaurant sound systems to live venue systems delivering an amazing experience that has been equalized precisely to the space.

We put you in charge of your music with dedicated audio servers or streaming solutions, controlled through wall-mounted or hand-held touchscreen interfaces. Also, with the help of an automation processor, we can have specified volume levels automatically adjust based on the time of day or by the press of a button.

We engineer each audio solution, calculated to offer optimal coverage for the very best audio quality,  delivering the desired ambiance without disrupting the aesthetics of your room. The best sound, a refined, professional look, and easy control are the hallmarks of a Pure Image commercial audio installation.

To learn more about how Pure Image can optimize your commercial audio experience, contact us today!

Touchscreen Automated Control Systems

Commercial iPad installation in VancouverTaking control of your integrated system is easy with the right touchscreen interface. Each Pure Image touchscreen control package can include dedicated in-wall panels, wireless handheld remote controls with on-wall charging, touchscreen TV overlays, as well as integrating popular tablets or phones, from iPads to the latest Android devices.

We’ll work with you to design an interactive experience that fits your needs, giving you control over your entire integrated network.

For retail and real-estate marketing clients we offer smart displays, letting clients and consumers navigate your content channels easily in an independent way. Whether you’re showing floorplans, in-suite views, or playing video HD content, a touchscreen system is your gateway to better customer engagement.

 Get a free on-site Touchscreen Control System evaluation by contacting us today.

Networking Solutions

A Pure Image installer punching down a commercial networking system.Connecting everything in your commercial space, your network is the backbone of how you work.

Our Pure Image networking experts are experienced in building both wired and wireless networks in even the most challenging conditions.

Building with network security and customer convenience in mind, we can provide host and guest networking infrastructure, keeping your data safe and secure. Segregated solutions offer reliable support for IP Phones, Micros Systems, and computer networks, along with support for VPN systems.

For larger spaces we provide rock-solid multi-access point designs, letting you seamlessly move from area to area without a loss of network connectivity. We build with commercial-grade hardware and professional wiring control, ensuring fast service and robust uptime. Battery backups and redundancy systems are a key element of every Pure Image network, ensuring the best results. We also offer remote support, delivering the assistance you need when you need it.

For a network needs evaluation please contact us today.

Automated Lighting

Lutron Radio Ra2 Keypads make for excellent lighting control solutions.The convenience and control of automated lighting systems comes with an added bonus: reducing your operating costs through increased efficiency while increasing safety, ensuring that work areas are always illuminated safely.

Pure Image automated lighting system give you control over the illumination of your space with easy-to-use interfaces, helping create the perfect look for your space at any time. It’s a well-established fact that the right lighting can increase customer/client comfort by influencing mood through better ambiance. Our lighting specialists will work with you to deliver a comprehensive lighting solution that is efficient and effective, responding to changes in time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.

Enhance your space with an easy-to-use automated lighting solution from Pure Image by contacting us today!

Video Installation

Pure Image Multi Panel DisplayVideo is a remarkable way to communicate; in retail environments over 70% of clients and customers find it easier to make a buying decision after viewing relevant video, while in spaces where they’ll spend time waiting, conversing, or eating, video has been found to make time spent more comfortable.

Pure Image has specialized in the installation of video products and services for over a decade, delivering some of the lower mainland’s most impressive installations. Our trained installation team works with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on reliability, security, and safety on every job. Our portfolio includes multi-display video walls, outdoor weatherproof televisions, articulating mounts, flush mounts, recessed installations, and TV lift systems.

We use professional- and commercial-grade hardware, designed to integrate seamlessly and beautifully into spaces while meeting the demands of longer running hours and day-to-day use.

For an in-depth video system consultation contact us today.

Presentation Systems

Boardroom Microphone from Biamp.If your commercial space is used for presentations, either internally or externally, you need the right support for both video and audio reinforcement. We specialize in creating easy-to-use solutions, letting you get your message out quickly and efficiently, without worrying about complex switchers or confusing remotes.

A Pure Image presentation system is one-button simple, letting you connect to projectors, TVs, microphones, and streaming audio all through intelligently designed, user-friendly automation. Relax and speak clearly: with Pure Image on your side your audience will hear you.

Learn about how we can make your presentations better, contact us today.

Acoustic Paneling

Black acoustic panels installed in a studio.Acoustic paneling is the perfect solution to help minimize disruptive noise while helping your teams communicate with one another in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Designed with advanced audio physics, studio-quality acoustic paneling suppresses transmitted audio, preventing transfer from office to office or space to space. It’s an excellent way to isolate individual rooms, making it easier to work and enhancing productivity.

Pure Image offers both off-the-shelf pre-made solutions as well as customized, built-to-order paneling, including meticulous installation, for high quality acoustics and aesthetics.

To schedule a free on-location acoustic evaluation contact us today.

Consulting Services

A set of commercial construction blueprints rotated at an angle.Leveraging our experience in a full range of integration fields, we have served as consultants on projects both large and small. As your consultant we can ensure that your project stays locked-in on your timeline and your budget, helping to identify your goals while staying within your project’s scope.

Our team excels at advising on product and contractor selection, ensuring code adherence and a strict devotion to your plan. We enforce strong project management, delivering the best value for the money spent. Our broad range of industry experience and product knowledge guarantees that the final result will be what you need.

Contact us and let us help you get started today.

Automated Shades and Window Coverings

Window coverings and light control are an important part of how your business operates. Whether you’re looking to deliver a more attractive, comfortable experience for clients or customers, or you’re creating a more productive, energy-efficient space, automated blinds, shades, and window coverings are the perfect way to meet those needs.

Commercial ShadesRestauranteurs will enjoy roller shades that descend and ascend nearly silently, timed perfectly to the time of day all year ’round, giving every diner a comfortable degree of light while shading them from direct sunlight that can hamper their enjoyment of your space. Corporate boardrooms with instant lighting control deliver the very best presentation experiences both for flat panel displays and projection-based systems.

As automation experts we’ve partnered with Vancouver’s premiere window covering specialists at WindowWorks to deliver the very best options for you and your project. WindowWorks offers a full-sized showroom where you can see the different colours available, touch the different types of blinds and coverings, and feel the different fabrics and materials. When you’ve chosen your blinds we’ll work with you to establish the type of automation control system that you’re looking for from a number of available options.

The Pure Image / WindowWorks automated shading experience is one of the best in the industry; with two partnered experts each handling the right part of the job, you get the very best of both worlds.